Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Open Mic Wednesday - Welcome!

Yesterday I reviewed a book on a big old bear being the best reading buddy ever. Today I want to give you a more in-depth look at the benefits of your child having a reading buddy, whether at school, the local library, or at home.   

A reading buddy programme is fun, personal and a truly effective way to introduce and maintain the pleasures of reading to younger more inexperienced readers.  These programmes are initiatives where volunteers, parents, or older students, (sometimes pets too), participate in a paired reading venture with younger kids.

This is an opportunity for a child to receive one-on-one reading time to improve their reading and comprehension skills. The defining feature is that the programme is intergenerational.

Here are some of the benefits of  this great programme:

* Improves the learner's confidence and self - esteem.  It takes the pressure off of reading out loud as the child is not intimidated by mistakes or limited vocabulary.  It gives the child confidence because she is spared the dread of having to speak in front of a group or whole class.

* Improves speaking fluency and vocabulary.

* Improves literacy skills.  

* Fosters a love of reading.  It keeps her interested in books and brings back a joy of reading and learning. Picking the book together, especially one that interests her, sitting close together and being engaged together over that book makes this encounter a very happy and exciting one.

* Helps struggling readers.  A reading session will raise questions and lead to discussions allowing not only English skills to be practiced but she will learn how to communicate and expand her education through interaction and feedback.

* It is usually a short-term initiative, where reading buddies get together for at least 20 minutes each week but more is definitely best. 

If you know of a buddy reading programme in your school or in  close vicinity please get your child involved.  I personally have initiated them, I have maintained them and I have seen the results of them ... both on the young reader and her older reading partner.  It is a win-win scenario for all involved. Special bonds are made over books and it is a very positive experience for all.   I highly recommend them.

Read on and read always!

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