Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Letter - Children's Picture Book - By N.D. Byma

Unwrapping today's book...

Written by N. D. Byma

Illustrated by Amanda Grove

Unwrapping the illustrations... (loved them)

My Review...

What a unique, creative and feel-good book.  I love the illustrations and the colour palett wrapped around the autumn season. The book was written to you...the reader!

"Once there was a girl who needed to write a letter to someone very special but she could not find the words.

So she went to her favorite bench at her favorite park and waited for the words to find her instead."

The little girl experiences writer's block so she decides to go for a walk, think about it, and perhaps the words will come to her.  She gets up and unfortunately leaves her paper on the park bench.  What happens next is truly fate smiling down her, a wonderful  miracle to behold.  With the help of a blustery wind, help from strangers just passing by adding their own thoughts and words, and even the aid of little creatures such as a bird and frog residing in the park, her wordless letter is finally full of words and complete.  

"The park was very quiet now as the sun had gone down and the animals had all gone to sleep.

Just then, the girl who could not find the words walked by once again and saw her letter sitting on the bench."

Carefully she picks up the letter and sees many words written across the page. The words written there are positive, encouraging and uplifting, exactly as if she has written them herself.  Teared up with happiness and a very full heart she simply signs, "Love always, Me," and sends the letter away.

"The Letter" teaches the reader that we are special and valuable ... quirks and all.  A powerful inspirational message is delivered to each and every one that reads the young girl's letter. It contains transformational words that can literally change hearts and lives.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

N.D. Byma is an independent author from Portland, Oregon with a passion for telling unique stories designed to be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

About the illustrator...

Amanda lives in Portland, Oregon, United States.  She loves pretty much anything art related, movies, reading, live music, snowboarding.  She also loves the outdoors especially when its really warm or really snowy. 

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