Friday, March 11, 2016

Rahley the Silent Slug - by N.D. Byma - a bookwrap

Hi today.  You are in for a treat with today's book.  Please read on as I review one of those books that you just want to hug... and I did.


Authored by N.D. Byma

Illustrated by Jose Lopez, Anthony Resto

Ages 2+

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

I loved the illustrations.  I took one look at Rahley and yep, I fell in love.  Enjoy! 

About the book...

This is the author's third book.  Rahley is an adorable, very shy, happy slug who has never used his voice.  You see slugs are afraid of their own voices so Rahley resigned himself to complete silence. He just nods and waves at the many local bugs who greet him as he passes through his little town on his way to work. 

He would like to speak but he is afraid that his voice will sound terrible and that everyone will laugh at him, so he remains totally quiet and will not take the risk of being made fun of.  

"What if I sound like a screeching dung beetle and everyone laughs at me?" he thought. 

"Even worse, what if I'm loud like a barking spider and scare everyone? " No, it's better and safer to be a silent slug, " he thought, and Rahley never made a sound."

Then the day comes when Rahley has to make the biggest decision of his life... to speak up or to keep his code of silence.  He works as a safety monitor at Stick Bridge beside Monument Rock and sometimes bug families and school bugs come on trips to ogle the magnificent Stick Bridge that Rahley loves so dearly.  On that particular day when he arrives at work his worse fears came to fruition.  A disaster has occurred during the night to his beloved bridge, one so severe that if Rahley doesn't speak up the oncoming group of visitors may be in great danger and their very lives may be in peril.   Oh my!  What is a silent slug to do? 

Will Rahley choose to shout out a warning to the oncoming bus and put the safety of others above his own awkwardness and decision to never utter a word?  

This heartwarming tale shows how an insignificant little slug faces his fears head on in order to save his friends, discovers he is perfect just as he was created, and ultimately how he becomes the superhero of his town.   I loved the message of the book and I highly recommend it.  Rahley you're the man!

About the author...

N.D. Byma is a writer and storyteller from Portland, Oregon with a unique perspective and a passion for creating engaging stories for both kids and adults to enjoy together. Combining humor, rich stories and beautiful illustrations, N.D. is making a name for himself as an independent self published author. His books can be found in a growing number of hospitals, churches, charities and other organizations in the NW and around the country.

Other books by the author...

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