Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Modest Tortoise & The Horrible Hare - a bookwrap


Authored by John Mill
Illustrated by Avoltha

Reading together - 4+
Reading alone - 7+

Unwrapping some illustrations...

About the book...

This book is wonderful to help build your child's self- esteem, confidence and self-belief...three powerful attributes that kids need to feel worthy and valued in life's journey.   

We are all familiar with the Aesop's Fable "The Tortoise and the Hare" and the author has taken an old classic and given it a modern day spin.  

The nerdy little Tortoise feels so out of place at his school.  He is extremely slow at everything he tries to do: eat, do his homework, even playing with the other kids. His skin is a different colour from everyone else, he's shorter, and his shell can never be removed.  He so wants to fit in and be cool.  

The Horrible Hare is "Mr. Cool" at the school.  He is with it and savvy but he uses and manipulates others to get them to do his bidding.  He is the school bully and smart enough to know that Tortoise needs a friend.  He coerces the little guy to do his homework and not to utter a word to anyone about it. 

Because Tortoise is so slow he can hardly get his own homework done much rather do Horrible Hare's too!  Oh goodness, what is he to do?  Then one night unable to finish his own homework because Horrible Hare's took top priority, he finds he must go to visit his Nanna, leaving his work incomplete.

 His wise Nanna senses something is wrong and talks to her beloved little grandson about harbouring secrets that can make you upset and distraught. She explains to him about good secrets and bad ones and why her little Tortoise should not be burdened with bad ones and keep them all to himself.  She encourages him to take a stand against the bully and to accept and celebrate who he is created to be.  

This book will open up a dialogue with your child to find out if something is bothering him/her.  It gives parents the opportunity to praise their child's uniqueness and achievements. Every child is a gift and has a purpose in this world.  Every child should feel accepted and loved for who they truly are. This book will avail you, the parent, to be there for your child and give an opportunity for you to listen to the concerns and desires of your child's heart.  

Wise words from John Mill:

“This book is the complete package. It is a stunningly-illustrated story for children and it includes a message that could potentially change their lives. After the story, I present a series of therapeutic questions that adults can discuss to further explore the story with their children, their lives and ultimately guide them through a bold journey of learning to believe in themselves and their abilities.
The problem is that we live in a world where children are taught not to speak out, to accept what society throws at them and still somehow try to find the space to forge their success. As you can imagine, this leaves many children feeling like they’re not enough, evidenced by the hundreds of calls I took during my time at Childline from youngsters at breaking point and face to face in my daily practice. This book is about teaching them that they possess all they need to be great and that their voice is as important to the world as anyone else’s. With the story and its follow-up questions working together, I firmly believe this book can mould any child into a person that is brimminercesg with confidence and ready to take on the world with gusto.” – John Mill

About the author...

John is a passionate hypnotherapist and counsellor who worked for three years in Harley St. He now runs a busy practice in Surrey. In the early days, John trained in telephone counselling children at Childline’s London office. During his weekly voluntary shift, he counselled over 400 children. These children often discussed bullying, as well as other problems. A few calls during this time involved children who needed to be talked out of hurting themselves and, in some cases, suicide. These calls struck a chord with John. He later trained for three years at a university studying hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling. He has since helped thousands of clients make empowering life changes. John also has written five other children’s books covering bereavement, being disabled, sibling rivalry and more.

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