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To Cursive or not to cursive? ....that is the question! - a mindwrap

Quotes on Handwriting...

The death of handwriting!

Part 1

Handwriting is so much more than just the message.  I remember as a little girl going to our local post office (our town was very small and there was no postal delivery) and picking up huge bundles of Christmas cards.  I'd bring the stack home and my mom would go through the envelops and identify nearly all the cards by the signature writing on the outside.  She could tell by the letter formation, the slant of the letters, the little squiggles that were added etc. exactly who the senders were.  

Cursive writing, which connects letters in rapid, flowing motions, may be slated to be terminated.  

It's funny, kids can text in the dark, their fingers flying almost causing sparks to fly, but put a pencil or pen in their hand and most resort to printing.

"We can mourn all we want but font is the future, says David Booth, a longtime teacher, literacy expert and professor at the University of Toronto."

"There are lots of people clinging to the wreckage and the notion we're going back to it.  We won't."

Why is cursive good for us?  Cursive's flow works the brain differently and builds distinct cognitive skills.  Handwriting reinforces reading and spelling, develops motor memory as it becomes automatic, teaches students to focus and my help them remember what they learn. 

As keyboards replace cursive, new neutral pathways are created and new cognitive skills replace the old ones.  Crisp, bold type is legible but you cannot tell much about the writer. 

Handwriting like a human face or thumb-print is unique and evolving.  It may reveal the writer's factitious nature or exuberant mood.  Each stroke captures a special moment in time.  The first letter of the word "Hello" will be different than the one created for the word, "How's it going?"

The very act of writing is rhythmic and flowing and exposes the heart to the words.  You luxuriate in feeling the pen to paper and the thoughts being recorded page after page.  

For the next few Saturdays I will talking about cursive writing and the pro's and cons of its life among us.  Comments are always welcome, pleases feel free to join into the conversation and let me know what you think on this subject.  Each week I will be featuring a famous person's script for you to see..... today's is William Shakespeare's.

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