Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Open Mic Wednesday - Welcome to Storywraps!

Sharing with you an app today that is like Instagram (with training wheels some customers noted) for kids... Check it out!



available at iTunes

Unwrapping some info for you...

How old your kid should be before he or she starts using social media with your permission is really up to you. Most social media websites and apps require that kids be 13 to sign up.  

Kuddle empowers kids to share photos with friends but with the protections of parents, moderators, and helpful reminders to help them if they stumble.

KUDDLE creators have put a lot of thought into creating a hands-on learning environment for kids to develop online social skills while they share photos with friends. When kids try to share a photo, they have to answer a question that makes them reflect on safe and kind sharing practices. The prompts encourage them to "like" friends' photos to make friends feel good, remind them to tell an adult if they see someone being bullied, and generally encourage them to act with thoughtfulness and kindness. When kids post a photo, the parent who authorized the account receives an email showing the photo and caption. From within that message, parents also can view kids' lists of friends. Photos can be deleted from kids' profiles, but they do still show in their friends' feeds. Photos also are monitored to make sure photos are appropriate. Kids are instructed not to post pictures of anyone without their permission.


Unwrapping how it works...

* The app has built in safety features for kids teaching them netiquette and prepare online behaviour 

* Captions on the images are allowed by comments on shared images are not - this feature is to prevent bullying

* "Likes" are anonymous to prevent popularity contests among kids

* Full name is required to promote responsible sharing, no one can hide behind a username

* The app has content moderators

* Parents/caregivers can monitor activity 

* It features a closed profile which means only accepted friends have access to user's profile

* The app is totally free and customized for kids

Customer reviews...

by Maddierocks
I have this app because I am not allowed to have Instagram or Facebook. You will never find inappropriate photos, you can't view someone's profile until they accept your friend request, everything you post gets sent to your parents, and everything is child-proofed! If you are a parent, this app is like Instagram with training wheels. It's the perfect first-social media app!
I ❤️ Kuddle

by kuddlelover123
I was looking for the perfect Instagram like app for my 7 year old daughter and I found this and I'm in aww!!! She's obsessed, it's safe for kids her age and I'm aware of everything she does on there. It's like Instagram with training wheels.

by Gamelover200620063608

Ok I'm gonna give it four cuz it's good I'm 10 last year on Instagram some died sent me nasty stuff it's not safe nither is voxer so my parents said no real social media until like 14 and I got this it's good but u can't do videos or comment or tag people

This would be a fun app for kids for the summer.  They could document a day in the life, trips, special events and celebrations and share with family and friends.  Give it a try and see if it is suitable for your kid's needs.  Have fun! 


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