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Zach Makes Mistakes - a bookwrap

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Authored by William Mulcahy and Illustrated by Darren McKee

Interest level: Ages 5-8 
Reading level:  Grade 3

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About the book...

Oh boy, oh boy Zach is very excited.  Today he and his classmates are going on a field trip to the museum.  He especially can't wait to see the bison display... his favourite!  But when he enters his classroom and looks around he realizes he has made a huge mistake... he forgot to wear his orange school shirt... a must when you are going on a school safari.  Oh my!

He tries to call his mom but she is already at work so she cannot bail him out.  Alas he thinks he will be left behind at school and unable to go but his teacher Ms. Rosamond saves the day.  She hauls out an oversized shirt and reluctantly Zach puts it on.  He is swimming in it but at least that's his ticket to go.

On arrival the kids meet their guide, Tim, and he goes over the rules of proper behaviour while a guest at the museum:

" 1. Keep hands off displays
   2. Silence all phones"

It's at that point that Ms. Rosamond's phone rings and she scrambles to turn it off.  Zach is embarrassed for her.  The kids are unleashed to enjoy the various exhibits and when Zach sees the bison display he is so excited that he rushes towards it, reaches over and touches it!!! Oh my!!!  

"Hey!" Tim called.
  No touching."

Embarrassed and humiliated poor Zach realizes his mistake. How could he forget the rules?  At lunchtime his wise teacher helps him understand that nobody is perfect and that we all make mistakes.  The most important thing is to own that mistake, learn from it  and move on.

She gives Zach a three-step process for doing just that: Detect (find a reason for the mistake), Correct (do everything you can to fix the mistake) and Reflect (think back about your mistake and learn from it)... very, very good sound advice indeed.

The author has included a section at the back of the book to help teachers, parents, counsellors, and other adults reinforce the book's messages and practice the skills with their kids.  I highly recommend this book.

*** Available August, 2016 ***

About the author...

William Mulcahy is a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist. He has served as a supervisor at Family Service of Waukesha and as a counselor at Stillwaters Cancer Support Center in Wisconsin, specializing in grief and cancer-related issues. He has also worked with children with special needs. Currently he works in private practice in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and is the owner of Kids Cope Now, a program for providing books and tools to help kids in the hospital. Bill’s picture books include Zach Apologizes, Zach Gets Frustrated, Zach Makes Mistakes, and Zoey Goes to the Hospital. Bill lives with his wife and family near Summit, Wisconsin.

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About the illustrator...

Darren McKee has illustrated books for many publishers over his twenty-year career. When not working, he spends his time riding his bike, reading, drawing, and traveling. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Debbie.

Editorial Reviews

“Finally, a book that gives people a creative yet concrete strategy for learning from mistakes. Readers of all ages will get something out of this story!”—Julia Cook, M.S., international award-winning children’s author and parenting expert
“I read this aloud with my kids and we laughed at the various pickles Zach finds himself in. I love how this book provides a step-by-step process for dealing with the frustration of making mistakes. As a master of making mistakes, I’m going to use it myself!”—Mark Pett, author and illustrator of The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

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