Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cara's Kindness - a bookwrap

Kindness begets kindness!

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"Cara's Kindness"

Authored by Kristi Yamaguchi
Illustrated by John Lee 

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About the book...

This charming book with its positive, sweet message will inspire little ones to be kind to those around them and encourage those recipients to pass that sentiment on. The entire book highlights the golden rule of living:  "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you."

Cara, a talented skater, has a performance coming up and has been unable to find the perfect music to accompany her routine.  While she is busy practising she notices a sad dog, Darby, on the sidelines and immediately stops what she is doing and asks him what is wrong. Darby wants so badly to join his friends skating but does not know how and is a little afraid to try.  Cara offers her expertise to encourage and to help him out and soon he is up and skating like a pro. 

"You rock, Cara!" said Darby. "Now I can go join my friends.  Thanks so much!"
"No worries- just pass on the kindness!' replied Cara with a smile.

Darby does just that with Pax, the polar bear who has forgotten his lunch and whose tummy is grumbling and complaining loudly.  He willingly shares his PB&J sandwich and juice with Pax and after being thanked tells Pax to pass the act of kindness on. Thus a beautiful chain of kind words and deeds is woven throughout the animal kingdom.  

The lasts link in the chain appears when Milo the Mole, who is a prolific music composer, gives the perfect gift of reciprocity to Cara. What goes around finally comes around to be a blessing back to the originator.  Can you guess what his gift may be to her?  

This book is about friendship, helping those in need and wonderful random acts of kindness.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Following her figure skating victories at the 1992 Winter Olympics and World Championships, Kristi skated professionally for more than a decade. This past year, Kristi Yamaguchi's Friends and Family TV special aired on NBC for the fourth straight year and she was a winner of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Visit

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