Thursday, October 5, 2017

"The Girl Who Said Sorry" - a bookwrap


Authored by Hayoung Yim

Illustrated by Marta M. 

Ages: 5-12

BIS Categories:
JUV039140  Self-Esteem
JUV01-4000  Girls & Women

Quotes about the book

‘What a terrific message... [The Girl Who Said Sorry] definitely addresses an outdated way of treating girls that is hopefully on the way out.’
—Laurie Wright, author of “I Can Handle It” (Mindful Mantras series)

‘Girls get often mixed messages from well-meaning parents, friends, teachers, and the media. [The Girl Who Said Sorry] encourages girls to think on their own and accept their uniqueness. It’s a refreshing book with captivating illustrations.’ 

—Cynthia Chin-Lee, author of “Operation Marriage”

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for 
you today

About the book

This book is all about teaching young girls how to express themselves with confidence and - without apologizing.  This important relevant subject is introduced in approachable rhyme.  The illustrations are subtle yet so powerful to the reader.  The incessant suggestions to change and try to please everyone are drilled over and over again until the little girl in the book can take it no longer.  

She is told she is too girlish, then too boyish.  She is diagnosed as being too thin then reprimanded when she eats a cookie.  She is supposed to excel at winning but not make others feel inadequate.  She is told to speak her mind but not be bossy... the swirl of criticism and being told what she is to think and do constantly finally is too much for her to bear.  She hits her melting point when after saying sorry to all the things she is accused of she hears herself saying sorry for saying she is sorry.  That's enough!!!!

Girl power rises and she takes a stand. She makes a decision right then and there...

"If something is my fault
If it was within my power,
I will own up to my mistakes
Without ever being sour.

But for my words and choices
That don't hurt anybody else,
I will not say "Sorry"-
They're expressions of myself." 

She bravely puts aside all the gender expectations and evolves into 'herself' without apology!  She frees herself to express her thoughts and actions and make her own personal choices without having to say sorry. 

This is a wonderful book that encourages girls to think for themselves and to celebrate their individual uniqueness.  50% of the book's profits will be donated to "Girl Up" a United Nations Foundation campaign dedicated to empowering young girls to take action on global issues.  I highly recommend this book.

Storywraps Rating...  5+++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Hayoung Yim is a third-wave feminist, environmentalist, advocate for evidence-based public policies, and diverse writer. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she dreams about implementing social change through popular culture.
In her spare time, she likes to travel through time and space.

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