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"Ellie Jelly and the Massive Mum Meltdown" - a bookwrap

I'd like you to meet Ellie.  This is her story about the day her mum had a massive mum meltdown.  I know you can relate... me too!  


"Ellie Jelly and the Massive Mum Meltdown"

A Story About When Parents Lose Their Temper And Want To Put Things Right

Authored by Sarah Naish
Illustrated by Kath Grimshaw

Ages: 3-7
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (June 21, 2018)
Publication Date:  June 21, 2018

Unwrapping some great illustrations

About the book

This important book is a perfect catalyst to start a family dialogue about what might cause a massive emotional meltdown and how it can hopefully be prevented in the future. 

Ellie starts off the day by being very grumpy and very demanding towards her mother.  She is shouting at the top of her voice for mum to come see her but unfortunately mum is busy with her little sister Grace who is ill and throwing up all over the place.

Ellie stamps down the stairs and rudely asks her mum where her breakfast is because she's hungry.  Ellie keeps up the bad behaviour and mum responds with pointy eyebrows, sighing, and finally her "stop it now" face but has to rush off because baby Grace is sick once again and needs to be tended to.

Ellie is not amused or appeased and keeps banging and shouting wanting her breakfast now.  She decides to take matters into her own hands and put milk on her cereal and not wait until mum returns to help her pour.  That is not a great decision because the milk container is heavy and cold and as Ellie is pouring it out the milk gets out of control and splashes EVERYWHERE!!  Oh my!

She tries her best to clean up the mess before mum arrives back but things even manage to get worse if that is even possible.  Mum returns, surveys the mess and the damage that Ellie causes, and completely loses it.  To compound matters further Grace once again throws up.  That's the last straw and mum ignites.  She lights up like a firecracker and totally explodes spewing unkind words, banging and crashing things around the kitchen, and even breaks a bowl in her unhinged tirade.  

Can peace be restored between the two?  Can calm, rationality and love flow once again in their home?  

The book shows the humaness of the mum and all the strain and stress that she is experiencing.  She is not only worried about Grace but is totally exhausted too.  She is overwhelmed with all that is being asked of her to do.  I love how the author brings it all together at the end by the softening of hearts, the asking of forgiveness and the hug-bonding that so is needed after a major (or minor) meltdown occurs.  

The illustrations are colourful, expressive and could stand alone.  I like the book a lot and would recommend it for sure.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Sarah Naish is an adoptive parent. She is also Director of Inspire Training Group, which delivers training on attachment issues and Founder of the National Association of Therapeutic Parents. She is also author of a series of books for adoptive and foster families: Therapeutic Parenting Books.

About the illustrator

I’m a painter, writer, illustrator and children’s book designer.
After studying Human Sciences at The University of Oxford and Creative Media at London College of Printing, I worked for many years in children’s book publishing until motherhood drew me down a more flexible path, where I now combine my work as a freelance designer with my writing and painting. 
My first book as author/illustrator, Frankie’s Foibles, was published in 2015 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
I also write short stories. Last year, my story, Hotel Room, won second place in the Frome Festival short story competition. 
I paint for the pure, unadulterated, pleasure of it and sell my work regularly through Artfinder.

I have lived in Oxford, London and New York but have now settled in my hometown of Totnes, Devon, where I live in a boisterous household with my husband, two boys and three cats. 

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