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"Little Bear Wants to Grow" - a bookwrap


Little Bear Wants to Grow

Written by Judith Koppens and illustrated by Suzanne Diederen

* Grade Level :  PS-1
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Clavis
* Pub. Date:  April 9, 2019
* Language:  English
#LittleBearWantsToGrow  #NetGalley

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you

Unwrapping the story

This delightful story begins:  

"This is Little Bear.
Little Bear would love to grow up. 
"Be patient, Little Bear," Mommy and Daddy Bear tell him.
But Little Bear doesn't want to wait.
He decides to ask for help."

From whom does he seek wise advice?  Mmmmm....well of course, those in his close circle of aquaintances.  His search for meaning leads him to Neighbour Bear, Grandma Bear, Uncle Bear and Auntie Bear.  They all have wonderful suggestions that he willingly tries out, but alas, poor Little Bear doesn't grow. Oh my how sad the makes him. 

  My favourite make-you-grow suggestion? 

"Grandma Bear says:
You grow from drinking lemonade." 

"Little Bear drinks at least a hundred glasses of lemonade.
He has to pee a lot.
But Little Bear doesn't grow."   

Gotta love Grandma.  Lol!  Can he find the answer to his dilemma?  Luckily Little Bear's loving parents know exactly how to solve his problem.  

The illustrations are simple, vibrant and fun.  They are kid-friendly and definitely relatable.  This book is a perfect bedtime story when  served up with lots of hugs.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

Judith Koppens (Deurne, NL, 1969) was – and is – a bit of a dreamer. In her young years, she spend her hours drawing and making up stories. She continued this when she started working as a teacher at a primary school, after she finished her pedagogic study. Her students inspired Judith with their spontaneity and sincerity to write all sorts of stories. In 2004 she used one of them for a picture book. Since then she has written more than 40 books for children aged 3 to 6 years and for adults who have an affinity with education and picture books, next to her job as a teacher.

About the illustrator

Suzanne Diederen (1974) received an education at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She specialized in illustrating children’s books and picture books. Her works have been translated into German, Swedish, Danish, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Korean. Right now she is working on a new picture book and a new title for toddlers – unless she’s doing yoga or having fun with her son Gilles and her daughter Sophie.

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