Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy, busy, late, late

It is minus 24 degrees celcius in Canada this morning. There is ice and frost on everything. It is crisp and harsh outside and guess what? Cars don't start. People are trying to get up and get out to work and their vehicles are dead. My daughter was one of those unfortunate creatures today. She needed to call a tow truck and then borrow one of our cars to get to the go station. Thus, everything that was planned for me to do just flew out the window. The window with Jack Frost"s creations all over it. The window that you cannot pry open because it is frozen shut. Oh well. All is well. She is gone, the tow truck driver came and towed her car away to the car nursery and I am just going to finish up my coffee because I am frozen solid from standing out in the driveway directing the guy. Oh on that note, but wrapped around this weather theme, is a book my oldest son loved me to read to him. Read to him eight million times and then read it again mom. It was called "The Midnight Tow Truck Driver." It was fun and my child was mesmerized from the first word. Check it out. Let you child know the important job a tow truck driver has. You never may be knocking on your door one day too! Freezing in Mississauga.....brrrrrrr!
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