Tuesday, January 25, 2011

melting away today

I was just outside shovelling off my back porch and reveling in the fact that it is sooooo much milder out today. It was actually enjoyable being all bundled up and breathing in the fresh cool air. My three little grand-puppies were having a blast. They were snowplowing and running and barkng all at the same time. It has been so cold to let them go outside for an extended period of time but today is different. They were tunnelling, burying their head in the snowbanks....just enjoying the moment. We all must learn to live in the moment and savour the present. It is so easy to live in the past or worry about the future while missing the very moment that we are in. I am trying to do this daily because I am so guilty of moving on too quickly. What has that got to do with reading you may ask? Well take time to read, to hug your child, to converse about the book. Share your ideas, dreams, the intentions of the characters, the settings, the plot, the value of why you chose to read that particular book today together. Be in the moment with the story. Be in the moment with your child...not oh I wish they would go to sleep because I have to....be there-present=with your child. Memories are of the past and you can make such loving, awesome memories by being there in the present and making every experience positive and one that will want to be remembered. Read on.
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