Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday is a good day to read.

Grab your hat, pull on your boots, bundle up in your coat and scarf because we are heading outside with a BOOK! What you say? Are you crazy? It is freezing out. It is rainy out. It is snowing out. It is too windy out. It is muddy out. It is too hot out. It is just right out. Yes, all these weather words are perfect for a book about....you guessed it...the weather. Go to the library, online, or to your favourite book store and grab a few reads about the weather. You can increase your child's vocabulary with words like celsius, hurricane, tornado, westerly winds, gusts, any word related to the weather. Try to get both fiction and especially non-fiction books that elaborate on the weather conditions in your area during that season. You can buy a thermometer and start to tell the temperature, a barometer to work with and even discuss the value of your furnace and/or air conditioning. Weather is all around us, every day. It is on the television and even in the newspapers. Become weather savvy teach it to your child. Teach your child about the climate around her/him. Add the pleasantry to his vocabulary....nice weather we are having today. Think, speak and read the weather in the up coming months and be all ready for our long awaited and much appreciated season of spring.
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