Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday is a good day to read

Today and everyday is a good day to read. Kids need to know the importance of words and text in their lives. Have fun at the dinner table by taking some blank cards and a black sharpie to the table with you. When your meal is finished then the fun can begin. Get out your cards and start labeling the stuff on your tabletop. Print card for plate,knife, fork, spoon, salt, pepper, butter etc. Have kids place the cards on the respective item and then read the table. Take the cards, mix them up, put them on the wrong items and read the table. THen as a grand finale, sort them once again onto the correct item. Put the cards on the fridge when you are done and see if the kids can read any of the words in insolation. If they are having trouble just give the word to them and have fun! Words and reading should always be fun and stress-free. Do not test or get testy. Run with fun. Read on.
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