Monday, August 22, 2011

Creative writing.....really

It is important that your child not only read the printed word but can also write the printed word. You can make this activity very enjoyable for your child. One example is to get a huge piece of paper (or two or three), put on your child's bathing suit, grab a towel, mix up a package of chocolate pudding, and head off into the backyard. Have your child use the chocolate pudding like he/she is finger painting. With your child sitting down scoop a blob of pudding onto the blank paper and have your child swish it all around. Let them experiment with the texture and create patterns and designs of their liking. You then sit down beside her/him and print letters, words, etc. on the paper for her to trace or copy and read out loud to you. When that particular image is read...swish it off and start a new one. This is a great, fun form of educational entertainment for both of you to enjoy. When you are all done...bring out the hose and spray that pudding into infinity and beyond. Whip up some pudding today - better make two for your "lesson" and one to enjoy when you finish your task and can sit down and eat it together recalling the new reading memory you just made. Have an awesome day and read on.
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