Friday, August 19, 2011

My first "storywrapper"

Welcome Amy and thank you for being my first ever guest blogger host. Blessings to you

One of my favourite books growing up was Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. This book was written in 1964 and my mom used to read it my siblings and I all the time!

One night Stanley is sleeping and a bulletin board falls on top of him and he becomes totally flat! Instead of becoming depressed about this, he starts to make the best of the situation. He slips under doors, gets mailed in an envelope and even becomes a kite and flies high in the sky. If only I could be cool and flat like Stanley! Who knows what shenanigans I’d get into.

I haven’t read this book since I was little and I just found out that there was a resurgence of Flat Stanley pretty recently. Jeff Brown has written numerous books about Stanley since the time that the first book came out. There is also a website devoted to him along with the “Flat Stanley Project”. This is pretty neat as it encourages kids to create paper Flat Stanleys, write letters to kids in other schools and also take pictures documenting where these Stanleys travel to. My mom mentioned that one actually ended up on the moon!

I highly recommend this book as its really fun and teaches us to keep going in life when unexpected things come our way.

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