Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brand new adult book review for your reading knowledge

Dollars and Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for Your Money
Author: Steve Repak CFP

It is common knowledge that common people have something in common: they have difficulties when it comes to spending, saving and investing their hard earned money.
Steve Repak, former army veteran, motivational speaker, consultant and principal at Repak Financial Services, teaches you how to combat these problems with an uncommon sense approach.
He dispenses basic tools that will enable you to:
*change the way you think about money
*control your spending
*dissolve your debts permanently
*acquire more wealth than you ever dreamed possible
He gives you a basic formula that will help your achieve your goals plus has added a tracker sheet, worksheets and many valuable examples to help you understand his concepts more fully.
Using “Dollars and Uncommon Sense” will make the money that you work so hard for, work hard for you, thus putting more dollars and cents into your pocket!

Just think more money to buy more book1 Ahhhhh! Heavenly. Enabled to read on!
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