Monday, January 23, 2012


Just made up that word. This is so random that it needed a name. This weekend while getting ready for a family function my second daughter who just had a baby ten days ago was going on and on about her body shape. She was not happy with the aftermath of birthing and was not ready yet to climb back into her pre-pregnancy clothes so was feeling a bit down. We started to converse about bodies, shapes, sizes, the pressure that women feel about their images. We all want to look like the t.v. ads, magazine lay-outs and the runway models. The media is obsessed with "how we should look" and makes no bones about exposing people's flaws whether it be weight or dress in their programming. It is a tough thing to be girl these days and have to live up to these images that in most cases are fantasy and photo-shopped. This topic brought to mind a little book that I had tucked away about that very subject. It is called "Cinderella's Bum" (and other bottoms) by Nicholas Allan. It is a wonderful little book that puts all perspectives on size and shape into the right perspective. If you have little girls that even now want to look like a Hollywood clone and are worrying about the food they eat and how they look this book should be read to them. The illustrations are child-like and playful but the message can even resonate with an adult. Read on and celebrate your body shape.
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