Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remember the folksong "Where have all the flowers gone?"

Today I want to change the lyrics to, "Where have all the manners gone?" All you need to do is be out and about and watch children in different environments and situations and wonder...."What ever happened to please/thank you/excuse me/I'll help you etc." It is fast becoming a lost art and that is sad because it doesn't have to be so. I ran across this series of books that might help reinforce manners again in our children.

The book's title is: "No Biting" and the author is Karen Katz.

This book will help your little one learn proper human etiquette when it comes to biting and hitting others. The illustrations are fabulous with lots of expression and colour. Katz turns the negatives of biting into some positive ways we use biting in our society. She also touches on the issue of hitting and teaches us some instances that hitting is allowed. An extra added bonus is a page of stickers at the back of the book that your child can pull out and enjoy.

As a follow-up on Youtube there is a selection from yogabbagabba entitled, "Don't bite a friend" that is worth checking out. The tune they use is catchy and the message certainly comes across loud and clear. I will be touching on a few more of Katz's books as I feel they are worthwhile to highlight in this day and age of "anything goes."

Have a great day and read on!
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