Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pass it on.....

  Just finishing picking up my car that was in for a minor adjustment this morning.  While in the waiting room there was a little two year old girl whoa was totally bored. Her mother had plunked herself on the sofa, coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other and was totally ignoring this child.  The little girl was clearly terrorizing everyone within her view, wanting attention of course.  She must have stepped on the automated door twenty times or more which exposed her to traffic in the parking lot.  The mom chatted on oblivious to the pending perils or her child's needs.  My heart was aching for the child.  Several times I jumped up and rescued the child from harm.  Her mother looked up and smiled a thank you but went right back to her conversation.

 This is how mommy's bag looked....stuffed to the brim....

What is missing from this overstuffed mommy's bag?  Books for her child of course.  Everything in that bag is for mommy with no thought to a book, a toy,or even a snack for her child.  What a perfect opportunity to sit down (quietly) with her child and share a good picture book.  We miss so many reading times when reading is the perfect gap-filler.  Mommy's bag should have looked like this:

Please when you go to appointments like car servicing, doctor, dentist etc. bring books along for you and your child to read TOGETHER!  Your child will be content and happy that you took quality time to spend with him/her and those around you will be so grateful for the peace that they so much require and deserve while waiting in a waiting room.  Read on.
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