Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring walking....good for the mind and the body

Want to get outdoors with your kids and experience the wonderment of spring?  Take some blank flashcards and a magic marker with you on your adventures.  Go with your kids on a "spring walk".  As you walk along have them play "I spy with my little eye".... and relate everything that you spy to the theme of spring.  When your child has made a list of spring observations take a break in a local park or your backyard and then recall all the things that were spotted related to spring.  Take your marker and record these words (printed) on the cards and then take the cards inside and place them on the fridge door.  When dad comes home, or grandma comes over have your child take the words and read them aloud.  It is a great reading lesson using memory recall and sight vocabulary.  Take ordinary, every day experiences and weave some reading into the mix.  If you like you can enhance the words by letting your child copy the words on a sheet of paper and then illustrating the words.  Have an awesome spring day and read on.
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