Thursday, October 10, 2013

One of those days.....

The internet is down, the cable is out, the blog is quiet today.  I am unable to complete my book review for the blog so I am using this window of "power" to give you some reading tips:

1. Try to implement a special reading time with all the members of your family participating.  Kids love to see mom and dad pick up a favourite book that they are reading and actually see them read.  Modeling reading is very, very important to your child.. 

2.  Instill in kids the love of reading by having books displayed in different rooms around your home.  There is not one room in your home that would not be enhanced by the presence of some great books.
Books on shelves, in baskets, or piled on tables are the ultimate in design and decoration.  You can add to the fun by adding books by themes.  i.e. Hallowe'en is fast approaching....put Hallowe'en books on the top of book piles.

3 Turn off the t.v. for an hour a day.  Accumulate a small mountain of picture books and have the whole family chose a book, read it aloud or silently and then exchange it for another one of their choice. It is a fun and easy way to build in reading success and spend quality "reading" family time together.

4.  Do you have a timer? Set the clock for 10 minutes and grab a book and speed read for 10 minutes or 15 a night.  When the buzzer goes off .... you stop....put the book away and carry on.  They have a name for that in the educational system. Its called  DEAR...drop everything and read.  Everyone in the household should take part.

5.  Read a variety of materials:  newspapers, magazines, picture books, maps, atlases, novels....anything with words (nothing electronic).  It should not be a huge task to provide reading opportunities that are short, sweet and build in success.  Always keep the stress level low, the praises high and the happenings often and fun.  Celebrate reading daily.

Read on and read always.  Have a great day.


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