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"Baby Bird" - a bookwrap


"Baby Bird"

Author: Andrew Gibbs
Illustrated by: Zosienka

Ages: 3-8


'An emotive story about loving yourself, having big dreams and the power of friendship... With sumptuously inky illustrations'

'A powerful story addressing themes of disability, determination and finding different ways to a achieve difficult goals.'

'I love it when a beautiful cover draws me into a book - and this cover is simply gorgeous... Zosienka is the illustrator, who so perfectly conveys the emotion of the book through delicate watercolours; text and illustrations combine to bring a strong message of acceptance, perseverance and friendship'
(Parents in Touch)

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you

About the book

This charming book pulls at your heartstrings.  An adorable baby bird is born with a malformed wing and finds he is unable to fly like his siblings.  He tries and tries but no avail.  

"All birds are born to fly," thinks Baby Bird, watching the other hatchlings leave the nest. "I suppose it's now or never..." 

He doesn't give up.  He does his very best to take flight over and over again, but because his little wing is all twisted and stubby he just can't get airborne.  He keeps crashing and smashing into the ground each and every time.  As fate would have it one of those crash-landings brings him face-to-face with a huge bird named Cooter who takes him under his wing (not literally but allegorically) and together they find a way to not only make Baby Bird mobile but to make him scoot fast by using his big, powerful, strong friend as his engine.   Wheeeee.... off he goes.....

This story is about never giving up trying to fulfill your dreams, the power of friendship, accepting exactly who you are, and reaching out and caring for one another in times of need. Together the friends take Baby Birds disability and celebrate its uniqueness.   This is a fun, uplifting story full of hope and happiness.  Yes you can!!!!!

The beautiful watercolour images enrich the positive message of the book, a book I highly recommend.  

Storywraps Rating - 5+++HUGS!!!!!

About the Author/Illustrator

Andrew Gibbs is a writer and filmmaker. He lives between London and Cape Town, because he likes the city and the sea. Baby Bird is his debut picture book.

Zosienka is an illustrator and print designer from London who specializes in intricate drawings and watercolours. She has collaborated with confectioners, high-street fashion brands, recording artists and independent filmmakers. Baby Bird is her debut picture book.

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