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"The Magic Garden" - bookwrap

Who thought there is magic outdoors in your garden going on right under your nose? Are you aware of it? Well today's book will open your eyes, your ears, and your spirit to a beautiful supernatural world that is happening every single season (and day) right outside your door in your garden.  Get ready for a treat.


"The Magic Garden"
Take a journey through
the magical world of nature

by Lemniscates

Quarto Publishing Group
Ages 4-6
Pub. Date March 6, 2018

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

"Chloe lives in a magic garden,
but she doesn't even know it." 

This charming book chronicles Chloe's awakening to the wonders of nature that are all around her. One day the whispering wind encourages her to open wide her eyes, ears, mind, and heart and observe the forever changing transformations that are taking place right in her very own her garden.  

She instantly becomes aware of the seasonal changes taking place.  She looks closely and soon  discovers caterpillars changing into butterflies, a night garden that is aglow with insects that shine in the night and choirs that sing to the moon, shy creatures that are camouflaged and borrow the colours around them, birds that weave wonderful nests, spiders that spin spectacular webs and bees that collect nectar from flowers and turn it into sweet honey, just to name a few.  She is mesmerized by the wonderment that she is witnessing.  Who knew?  

The lovely illustrations are a beautiful visual to enrich those mysteries found in the garden.  At the end of the book is a section devoted to further explanations of these marvels that the author cited in the story:  

* Why do animals camouflage themselves?
* Why do animals have bright colours?
* How can snakes eat meals that are bigger than they are?
* How and why do spiders and birds spin and weave?
* What is pollination? 
*  Why do bees dance? 
I would highly recommend this book to parents and teachers.  It is the perfect segue to an adventurous trip to your own garden and also a gentle nudge to encourage us to take time to stop and smell the roses. 

Storywraps Rating- 5 HUGS!!!!!

Introducing the author/illustrator

Carme Lemniscates is an award-winning author, illustrator and designer of children’s books who sees each book project as a complete undertaking in which the text, illustrations and graphic design converge with the same spirit from beginning to end. In 2010, after more than fifteen years of illustrating and designing children’s books for publishers, she founded Lemniscates Studio in her home city of Barcelona to create her own children’s book projects, which she both writes and illustrates. Carme’s mixed media works combine monotype, collage, woodcut and digital media.

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